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Our Free OK & Oklahoma City Roof Inspection Process

  1. You call, text or e-mail us to come visit your Oklahoma home for a free roofing estimate.
  2. We answer your questions about your roof and/or do a simple and free roof inspection to evaluate its condition.
  3. Insurance
    1. Insurance companies often ask for roofing estimates from a qualified roofing contractor before they send an adjuster; we're happy to help in this process. If you have no damage or only a slightly damaged roof, filing a claim could be a strike against you with your insurance carrier. However, it you have substantial damage, we will let you know the best way to contact your insurance company. Either way, call us first and we can help you through the process.
    2. If your insurance company has already inspected the roof of your Oklahoma home and determined that roof repairs are necessary, we will provide you with a written roofing estimate/agreement.
    3. When the insurance adjuster schedules your roof inspection, we will be available to meet with them on the roof. This saves time for everyone involved and keeps your adjuster from having to make multiple trips to inspect your Oklahoma home.
    4. Depending on your mortgage situation, there are several ways that insurance money may flow from the company to you. We are experts in dealing with Oklahoma City and national insurance companies and mortgage lenders, and will happily assist you with all the required paperwork and communications.
  4. Whether the roof is completely totaled or simply in need of roofing repairs, we will work with your budget and schedule to get the roofing work done as quickly and effectively as possible. We'll schedule the work together, materials will be delivered to your home, and work will be completed as agreed. We will keep the worksite clean and orderly, and any loose nails will be picked up magnetically when the job is done.
  5. We love referrals! If you're pleased with our roofing services, (we guarantee you will be) please be sure to refer your friends from Oklahoma City and all across the state of Oklahoma. We reward referrals.
Contact Majestic Roofing Oklahoma today at (405) 973-5068 or text Roof to 65360 and we'll get right back to you!

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