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Hidden storm damage: Should I get my roof inspected after a big storm?

Living in Oklahoma means living with severe weather. If a major storm strikes it is

easy to focus on ripped off roofs and shingles. However, just because your roof

didn’t get blown away doesn’t mean that your roof has not suffered serious storm


Flying debris can cause damage that is hardly detectable with an untrained eye.

Strong winds, hail, and rain can also do damage that may not look like much at

first but will cause a lot of trouble down the road. It does not always take a

tornado to wreak havoc on your roof. Any serious Oklahoma spring storm can do

the trick.

Understanding storm damage

roof 3

This is not coming as a surprise to any Oklahoman, but wind lifts shingles and

bends them, breaking the seal that bonds them together, leaving your roof

vulnerable to rain and moisture. High winds and tornadoes tear up shingles,

leaving the roof deck or underlayment exposed to the elements. Leakage will

occur over time.

Remember those photos of golf-sized hail all over the Internet? That happens

quite often in Oklahoma. Hail can leave dents or pockmarks in shingles,

removing or chipping away on the granules that serve as a protective layer

against rain and sun damage. Hail damage, as opposed to wind damage, is insidious and may not physically cause leakage for years. It takes a

trained professional to spot the problem areas.

So even if no shingles have been actually blown off your roof, you should have

your roof inspected if you have concerns. Not all storm damage is obvious and

hidden damage will cause problems weeks or even months after a storm as

water leaks slowly into your home causing mold or mildew issues and potentially

even structural damage.

Shingles are engineered to protect against wind, hail and rain, but severe

weather can cause damage even to the best roofing job. To be sure you don’t

have hidden damage, have your roof inspected by a certified contractor you can


Will a roof inspection cost me anything?

roof 2

Most contractors offer roof inspections as part of their customer service or

assessment process prior to working with you and would be happy to inspect

your roof. You should ask about the roof inspector’s qualifications. Anybody can

climb up a roof, but it takes special training to spot hidden issues.

A trained contractor will inspect your roof for signs of hidden damage using a

combination of visual inspections and state-of- the-art technology to ensure that

your roof is watertight. An experienced inspector can also easily spot if the

damage comes from the storm or if it is a result of aging or other factors. They

also have extensive experience working with insurance and can help you

navigate the reimbursement process.

Where to start?

roof 1

The first step is identifying damage to your roof. Property and casualty insurance

companies want the homeowner to be sure there is sufficient damage to warrant

a claim, so homeowners should have a professional contractor inspect the

property for damage caused by the storm. The contractor and homeowner should

then discuss whether or not a claim should be filed. Insurance companies will

usually send out an adjuster. Allowing a contractor to be present to assist in this

phase helps homeowners receive the required amount of money to have their

repairs completed and also ensures that any potentially costly aspects are


Learn more about what to do if your roof has been damaged, here.

Why choose Majestic Roofing for storm damage repair?

If your home was hit with hail, even if you don’t think your roof was damaged, call

Majestic Roofing for a free storm damage inspection.

• Licensed, insured and trusted Oklahoma roofer

• Experienced in all types of damage to Oklahoma storm damage

• We work with your insurance company so you pay little or no out of pocket

Call 405-973-5068 today for more information on storm damage repair or roof


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