Ludowici Roof Tile, Inc and the 91-year-old roof

Oklahomans are about as comfortable as one can get with the unpredictable weather that we see throughout the year. Hail storms in the spring, tornados in the fall, ice in April, torrential rains in the middle of the summer; we have seen it all. For fortunate homeowners, replacing their standard roof is a simple and straight forward process.  But we have customers with not-so-standard roofs and unique insurance policies. Denny Hitt McConnell is one of those customers.

History runs deep in Oklahoma City. The way a home was built in the early 1900s is different than the way they’re built today. Materials used and processes implemented, have changed over the last century and that includes the way a home was roofed. For McConnell, his unique tile roof had a great deal of history and was quite resilient, especially for being in Oklahoma. In the spring of 2015, he saw a hail storm blow through that damaged his 91-year-old tile roof in an historic Oklahoma City neighborhood. These tile roofs were designed to last 100 years, and McConnell nearly saw the “lifespan” of his roof play out until the end. However, when it came to replacing a 100-year-old roof tile, a unique approach had to be taken.

Mike Muller, a Majestic Roofing project manager, found that these tiles were signed by Ludowici Roof Tile, Inc., a 400-year-old Italian family business, which now has its operations in New Lexington, Ohio. With a promised life span of over 100 years, the Ludowici terra cotta product is not only beautiful, but one of the most sustainable and green construction products available. Terra cotta roof tiles have protected shelters and homes for more than 10,000 years and have evolved in the hands of generations of craftsmen.

Mike was able to contact a Ludowici representative to take a look at McConnell’s roof. With tiles dating back to 1924, it was understood that the McConnell roof may not be an exact match to the old roof. However, the Ludowici representative brought tile samples with an array of colors. The original roof was a total of five different colors, called a “confetti” roof. 50% of Ludowici’s products are still crafted by hand, which is fortunate for McConnell as they were able to custom-blend colors that would closely match the tiles of the old roof. Once Mike and the representative decided on the approach they would take with what color tiles, it was suggested that the McConnell’s add copper flashing, copper valleys and copper nails to last as long as the new roof will. The durability and the timelessness that copper elements provide are the perfect complement to the brand new terra cotta tiles that will last for the next 100 years.

Since the saga of the McConnell’s leaky roof began in the spring of 2015, a replacement roof closely resembling the old roof was the only option. With the help of Majestic Roofing, the Ludowici Roof Tile, Inc., and the patience of the entire McConnell family, Denny Hitt McConnell’s roof is back to its pristine condition that it once was in 1924.

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Custom Copper Designs

Have you ever walked around a home or visited a friend and noticed spectacular attention to detail when it came to certain aspects of a home?  Like a charming bay window with copper elements or a back splash with a copper countertop? If it’s a Majestic home, it’s most likely the handy work our partner Custom Copper Designs.

Custom Copper Designs is locally owned and operated in Newalla, Oklahoma. They provide expertly crafted copper awnings, bay windows, chimney caps, chimney pots, countertops, cupolas, dormers and finials. Every piece of their copper work is forged individually and is one-of-a-kind.  Hand crafted copper pieces can make all the difference when building a new home, remodeling or roofing an existing structure. When it comes to elegance, a Custom Copper Designs copper piece can take your home from standard to stellar.

Custom Copper Designs 1

Majestic Roofing and Majestic Construction have partnered with Customer Copper Designs to provide these exceptional pieces of art as we’re replacing your roof or updating any area in your home.  A popular addition to a kitchen is a copper countertop. The uniqueness a copper countertop brings to a home is its “living” surface. Unsealed copper reacts to the elements. It oxidizes and tarnishes over time which gives it a unique patina with hints of red, green and brown. In addition, copper countertops are naturally antimicrobial and incredibly easy to clean.  If you want to stand out and have a one-of-a-kind kitchen, a countertop from Custom Copper Designs is your best bet for uniqueness.

Custom Copper Designs 2

Outside, copper chimney caps and awnings provide a distinct look to your home and add curb appeal. The copper’s natural patina becomes a part of the building’s envious appearance and architectural ambience. When style and durability is important to you and your home, copper is a great choice from awnings to chimney caps to dormers and finials.

Custom Copper Designs 3

Custom Copper Designs prides itself on well crafted, handmade, custom copper products to serve a multitude of functions. The durability of copper makes it one of the best metals to work with and the look and feel of copper is unique to each piece. If you’re thinking about adding a stylish and functional flare to your home we would love to talk to you about Custom Copper Designs to decide what’s right for you and your home.

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City of Oklahoma City’s Green Home Loan Program

Oklahoma City homeowners can officially continue to take advantage of low interest loans through the City of Oklahoma City’s Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program for home improvement projects. The Oklahoma City Council approved the renewed agreement with the Community Action Agency on Tuesday, August 18, allowing OKC residents to improve the energy efficiency rating of their home.  Residents must qualify (household income of $100,000 or less) in order to apply for this loan and once approved, they can receive a 36-month, low interest loan up to $15,000.

Install new energy-efficient windows or exterior doors

Installing Energy Star certified windows can save an Oklahoma City homeowner hundreds of dollars annually. Energy Star windows are extremely efficient, keeping cool air in during the summer months and making sure the heat stays in throughout the winter months. Replacing single-pane windows with Energy Star windows, an Oklahoma City resident can save up to $390 a year in electric and heating costs. That’s an average savings of more than 31%. With a double-pane window replacement, the “heat gain” is reduced by cutting out 75% of the sun’s heat without reducing visible light.

Adding more insulation to the attic and walls

Adding new insulation to an attic can also dramatically reduce one’s heating and cooling bill while also increasing comfort. A homeowner of a moderately sized house can save up to $660 dollars annually in heating/cooling. Homes built before 1980 will benefit the most by adding more insulation to the attic and the walls as most homes built before 1980 were not built with energy efficiency in mind.

Replacing inefficient window units with central heat and air

Replacing inefficient window units with central heat and air is a bigger initial investment, but likely the most impactful. Standard window units commonly found in single family homes are both energy and cooling inefficient.  When choosing energy efficient air conditioners, the higher the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and energy efficiency ratio (EER) ratings the better. Optimizing performance within a home with central heat and air will dramatically decrease the energy usage of the home as opposed to keeping the standard window unit and floor heating unit.

Installation of a new heat pump

Geothermal heat pumps use the temperature of the earth as the exchange medium instead of the outside air temperature. Geothermal heat pumps help provide heat during the winter and cool air during the summer. When it comes to clean, sustainable energy sources, geothermal heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient systems available.


Replacing a dark-colored roof with a cool roof that reflects the sun

Cool roofs cut cooling costs by up to 20% by using reflective materials that limit the solar heat gain. Solar reflectance is the most important component of shingles when it comes to energy efficient, cool roofs. Commercial facilities typically use light colored roofs to reduce costs, however, homeowners are often concerned about the aesthetic appeal of a light-colored roof. As a result, manufactures have created both dark-colored pigments for roofing materials that reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it as well as the traditional light shades of cool roofs.


In addition to these methods, there are plenty of other ways to transform the energy efficiency of your home, and the city of Oklahoma City is now providing homeowners with the resources needed to make those changes. If you think it’s time to reduce your carbon footprint, apply for the Community Action Agency Green Home Loan Program and start saving money today.

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Happy National Roofing Week!

In a mission to increase awareness about the importance and significance of roofs to every home and business, the National Roofing Contractors Association has announced that the 2015 National Roofing week is July 5th through 11th. In general, people only think about the roof when after it falls into disrepair. Majestic and the NRCA want to raise awareness about the importance of hiring professional roofing contractors when it comes to maintaining or replacing any roof system.

Happy National Roofing Week from our furry friends and Majestic Roofing!

Happy National Roofing Week 2015 from Majestic Roofing on Vimeo.

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Union Corrugating Company – Our Metal Roofing Partners

Sheet-metal, tin-plate roofing was used in the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries quite frequently when roofing a home or building. It was easily accessible, lightweight and came in small sheets due to it being factory-produced. In the later years, other metals like zinc alloys, aluminum and improved tin were used to strengthen the roofs. Metal roofing lost favor to the cheaper, newer alternatives that were being used to roof homes and buildings throughout the years. However, metal roofing is coming full circle and our friends at Union Corrugating Company are helping the cause.

With advances in roofing paint systems and coating technology leading to enhanced performance, consumers are reaping the benefits: easier maintenance, longer life expectancy, speed and ease of installation, fire resistance, heat conduction and maximum shedding of rain and snow. Galvalume coated steel substrate, used by Union, nearly eliminates the consumer’s worries about rust and corrosion. And if you do happen to worry a little more than normal, Union’s Galvalume steel comes with a 30 years warranty against rust and corrosion. All this contributes to making metal the fastest growing segment of the residential roofing market.

Union Corrugated Company

Union Corrugating Company has several certifications that can ease the mind of any Oklahoman looking for a colorful metal roof. These certifications include the Florida Building Code High Velocity Hurricane Zone, Miami-Dade County Florida Wind Uplift Approval, UL Rated for Wind Uplift, Fire and Impact Resistance certifications, Texas Department of Insurance Approved. Though Oklahoma never has hurricanes, metal roofs can withstand the crazy weather Oklahomans are used to seeing throughout the seasons.

As we’ve written in the past, metal roofs often times get a bum rap due to the common misconceptions that they’re linked to. People are surprised when they find out the truth about metal roofs: that they’re not loud, that they’re resilient and won’t dent easily and that lightning isn’t attracted to metal roofs any more than the traditional, asphalt roof. The most important truth about metal roofs, however, is that metal roofs are not all created equal. Again, it goes back to the types of metal and the processes used in the production of the metal roofing. Our partnership with Union Corrugated Company and its metal roofing has proven to be a game changer. As the only certified contractor for Union’s metal roofing in the Oklahoma City metro, we plan to help Union lead the way in metal roofs and metal roof installation.

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