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Roof ice damage: What to do after a snow or ice storm

Admittedly, so far this winter has been mild. But we all know winters in Oklahoma can be harsh on roofs. Storms come fast and furiously. Paired with our icy winds, a winter storm can pull a number on your roof.

Ice dams
Ice dams can form when ice accumulates on the edge of a roof, creating a barrier for melting water. When water collects behind the ice dam, it can cause leaks and later water damage. Melting ice can find its way under the shingles, allowing water to seep into in the roof. Water that refreezes can also cause cracks in shingles or in other materials. Also, make sure you check the North East portion of your home/roof where lack of direct sunlight is most prevalent.

If you are concerned about ice damage, check for ice build-up on the roof and inspect your interior for water stains or moisture in your attic or along the ceiling. Make sure your roof does not offer places for ice dams to form. Clean your gutters before winter weather strikes and keep an eye out for debris on the roof. If you are expecting several days of snow, you can sweep snow off in areas where ice and snow may build up. Most importantly, however, be extra safe when you are checking out your roof. Especially in the winter it can get slippery up there and you could injure yourself.

Wear and tear on shingles
A series of winter storms can leave their marks on the shingles, when granules are washed off your roof by melting snow and ice. It happens if snow slowly melts off or in winters with lots of snow or hail. Losing this protective layer of granules can cause further damage. Granules on a roof have four main purposes. They protect the actual shingle from UV light, add coloring and beauty, and provide fire resistance.
Unfortunately there is not much you can do to prevent it, but make sure you check for damage after the winter. If you find that your roof has taken a beating during the winter months, call a contractor or roof inspector to assess any damage. Make the necessary repairs, so further damage won’t occur.

Gutter problems
Your gutters may also suffer from ice buildup. Ice buildup in your gutters prevents the flow of melted snow for proper drainage. That may cause the gutters to overflow and create long icicles. Those are dangerous when they drop off your home, but the weight of the ice may also damage the gutter. Of course, every time you have water not properly draining – away from the walls – you risk encountering water damage that could even cause structural damage if not addressed in a timely manner.

Always clean your gutters and should ice or icicles form try to carefully remove them to avoid major damage.

High winds and falling branches
A stiff winter storm can blow off shingles, leaving the decking exposed. That can make your roof vulnerable to rain or melting snow. Further, if you live in an area with big trees, the weight of snow and ice may cause trees or branches to fall and cause damage to your roof. If you suspect that a big branch may have crashed down on your roof, check after the storm to assess the damage. It may have caused an obvious problem, but it can also cause issues invisible to the untrained eye. It is worth it to have your roof checked out by a professional. Big problems need to be repaired right away so more rain or snow won’t run into your home.

Help is not far away
When you call us after a storm for roof repair, our experienced roofing contractors will be able to answer your questions about your roof and can also do a free roof inspection to help you evaluate the condition of your roof.

Majestic Roofing’s roof repair specialists will help guide you through the next steps in the roof repair process. Insurance companies often ask for estimates from qualified roofing contractors before they send an adjuster to look at your roof. We are happy to assist you in any way we can and want to be your partner when dealing with insurance or if you need any repairs done.

Call or email Majestic Roofing Oklahoma today for a free roofing estimate.

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