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Union Corrugating Company – Our Metal Roofing Partners

Sheet-metal, tin-plate roofing was used in the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries quite frequently when roofing a home or building. It was easily accessible, lightweight and came in small sheets due to it being factory-produced. In the later years, other metals like zinc alloys, aluminum and improved tin were used to strengthen the roofs. Metal roofing lost favor to the cheaper, newer alternatives that were being used to roof homes and buildings throughout the years. However, metal roofing is coming full circle and our friends at Union Corrugating Company are helping the cause.

With advances in roofing paint systems and coating technology leading to enhanced performance, consumers are reaping the benefits: easier maintenance, longer life expectancy, speed and ease of installation, fire resistance, heat conduction and maximum shedding of rain and snow. Galvalume coated steel substrate, used by Union, nearly eliminates the consumer’s worries about rust and corrosion. And if you do happen to worry a little more than normal, Union’s Galvalume steel comes with a 30 years warranty against rust and corrosion. All this contributes to making metal the fastest growing segment of the residential roofing market.

Union Corrugated Company

Union Corrugating Company has several certifications that can ease the mind of any Oklahoman looking for a colorful metal roof. These certifications include the Florida Building Code High Velocity Hurricane Zone, Miami-Dade County Florida Wind Uplift Approval, UL Rated for Wind Uplift, Fire and Impact Resistance certifications, Texas Department of Insurance Approved. Though Oklahoma never has hurricanes, metal roofs can withstand the crazy weather Oklahomans are used to seeing throughout the seasons.

As we’ve written in the past, metal roofs often times get a bum rap due to the common misconceptions that they’re linked to. People are surprised when they find out the truth about metal roofs: that they’re not loud, that they’re resilient and won’t dent easily and that lightning isn’t attracted to metal roofs any more than the traditional, asphalt roof. The most important truth about metal roofs, however, is that metal roofs are not all created equal. Again, it goes back to the types of metal and the processes used in the production of the metal roofing. Our partnership with Union Corrugated Company and its metal roofing has proven to be a game changer. As the only certified contractor for Union’s metal roofing in the Oklahoma City metro, we plan to help Union lead the way in metal roofs and metal roof installation.

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